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Building a
better workplace
for everyone

We are empowering the workplace with products that make the work environment healthier, safer, enjoyable, sustainable and more productive, for employees and visitors.

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Run your workplace with Workwise!

From making your front office check-in process smarter, eliminating conflicts & double bookings of meeting rooms, submitting requests, to receiving mails and packages, Workwise integrates with your workplace to give people a simple and seamless way to operate the facilities; keep them secured, informed and focused on their tasks.


Create a welcoming
experience for guests


Do more with
your Workplace data


Book a space,
anytime, anywhere

Clock-in/out Management

QR code-based check-in process

Why Workwise?

Enhance Employee Experience

Empower employees to find, book, request, receive and connect with everything they need to operate the workplace in real time. Push notifications keep employees informed of events happening in their workplace.

Improve Your Workplace

Workplace data, when analyzed properly, allows organisations deliver the right spaces, services and amenities for a more productive and flexible workplace experience that will exceed occupant expectations.

Enhance Workplace Security

The first step to ensuring a safe and secure workplace for everyone is knowing who’s on site, where they are going and why. This makes it easy to identify unauthorized guests.

Manage your workplace facilities with one intuitive app

Empower your team to do their best work by giving them simple and user-friendly tools to manage the workplace, all on one mobile platform. Integrate your workplace with Workwise and let employees:

  • Invite visitors and get notified of their arrival.
  • Book a room for meetings
  • Keep track of your deliveries
  • Clock-in/out of work premise and more

Powering Workplace Experiences!

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